13 Investigators Share What Databases They Prefer to Use

The Investigator Marketing group in LinkedIn is a great place for investigators to share their marketing and business tips, ask for advice from other professionals, and share the latest news relevant to investigations. Over 2,900 members share their tips and questions while navigating investigations and running a business. Recently, Terry Sweet, CEO at Background Information Group, asked the group which databases they use. 13 investigators shared which sites they prefer to use, and why. 13 Investigators Share What Databases They Prefer to Use

1. "TLO and IRB." - Grady Emmons, Masters Intelligence, CPP

2. "Tracers for the social/dob, TLO for the good stuff!" - Richard Knaeble, Litigation Paralegal at NewLAW

3. "TLO. I find IRB to be very similar to TLO." - Karen Ferris, Operations Manager at Arrow Insurance and Legal Investigations, LLC

4. "I prefer IRB. I like their billing, their results, their consistency, and you get full SSN." - Ann Lane, Carolina Investigative Research Inc.

5. "TLO is good but would be even better if they provided the search scope to show the parameters of the results (date ranges covered, jurisdictions searched, etc.)." - Kelly Cory, Keystone Investigative Services, Inc.

6. "Try Skip Max." - Terry Sweet, Background Information Group

7. "I use IRB, TLO, and Tracers. All three every case. They all have some information that the other databases don't. I think TLO has more accurate phone numbers and email addresses, and IRB's locate/address updates are more up to date." - Wendy Sullivan, Principal at Pickering Sullivan Investigations

8. "I use IRB lexis." - Joseph LaBella, East Coast Investigative Services & Security Consultants

9. "Tracers, IRB Focus, and LocatePlus." - Brian Cleveland, Brian W Cleveland Investigations

10. "TLO, IRB, and Accurint/Lexis. Each seems to have their strong and weak points, but I think TLO is the beefiest." - Eli Rudenick, Collections Investigator

11. "TLO and IRB. I find TLO superior." - Gary E. Chute, Lead Investigator at Sub Rosa Investigative Group

12. "I use TLO and IRB." - Joe Sullivan, Network Security Administrator at RCB Bank

13. "We use the larger ones like TLO and IRB, but there are some smaller agencies out there that specialize in various sectors such as transportation, financial, etc." - Chris Cavallo, President of Cavallo Investigations

What are your favorite databases and providers?

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