Investigation Services

Michigan Investigation Services at your disposal

Information gives you influence and control. Are you being faced with a difficult situation? Maybe you suspect an employee of fraudulent or even criminal behavior. Or maybe you are looking for a missing person or a criminal who has attempted to escape justice. Put your confidence in us to find information that gives you control over the situation.

Your employees are the core of your business. If you suspect dishonesty or damaging actions, you need to act fast. Options offered: employee investigations include investigation for drug use, theft, fraud, sexual harassment, and workers’ compensation fraud.


  • Accident, Background, Corporate, Civil, Criminal, Fraud, & Financial Investigations
  • Asset Locations
  • Child Support & Custody
  • Collateral Recovery
  • Domestic
  • Due Diligence, Internal Theft, & Unethical Conduct
  • Investigate Illegal Drug Activities
  • Insurance
  • Interviews for Trial Preparation
  • Interviews including “SCAN” – Scientific Content Analysis
  • Missing Persons, Heirs, & Runaways
  • Nursing Home Investigations
  • People Locate / Skip Trace
  • Potential Workplace Violence
  • Process Service
  • Record Searches
  • Surveillance & Video
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Vulnerability Threat Assessments
  • Workers Compensation
  • Computer Forensics
  • Security Services
  • Michigan license (3701-206544), Wisconsin license(s) *Detective McNeil*, *Detective Barron*

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