Mining Security

Delta Force PI offers mining security from our specially trained officers that have the knowledge and experience on detecting risk assessments that could prove a danger to your employees, assets, and reputation. Our employees also utilize reception services to make visitors feel welcome.

Undercover Mining Security

Monitored Protection

To help monitor activity security cameras are installed on all applicable buildings owned by the mine, trail cameras are installed outdoors if needed, and body armor our employees wear have body cams. In addition, we use Silvertrac for as-it-happens reporting and monitoring.

Monitoring done by vehicles have dash cams and have routes that are both scheduled and unscheduled.

Protection from Protesters

We provide risk assessment, project management, consulting, and security guards to protect your employees from protesters.

Our staff has done training for handling protesters and work closely with local law enforcement to monitor opposition activity.

Mining Security Asset Protection

Mining Asset Protection

We provide inspection and planning of the premises against localized and specialized threats. Delta Force provides ‘meet and greet’ services, situational advice, risk analysis, and monitoring services to keep your employees and assets safe. In addition, a plan is put into place that helps protect your assets from theft.

Mining Security Jobs

Mining Security Jobs

Are you looking for a new career? Come apply at Delta Force where we will train you for your new mining security job!

Mining Security Services

Our officers also perform guard tours of the worksite and mining operation utilizing digital checkpoints that provide accountability to our client and can be quickly modified to meet workplace conditions and client needs. We operate in a manner that ensures total transparency for our clients and thus strengthens the bonds of trust between DFPI (Delta Force PI) and our client. We provide our client with weekly meetings, monthly and annual reports that show that their dollars are well spent with DFPI.

With the Silvertrac monitoring equipment, we use not only does it provide on-the-spot recording and monitoring but we can keep tabs on all procedures such as Incident Reporting, Dispatch & GPS Tracking, Monitoring, and Check-Ins.

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